Traditional and modern kitchens, what is the difference?

June 4, 2022
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Traditional and modern kitchens, what is the difference?

You may be at a crossroads in designing your kitchen and choosing your kitchen cabinets. This dilemma includes custom kitchen design or modern kitchen design. If you want to know more about the features of a modern and custom kitchen, join us.

Traditional and modern kitchens, what is the difference?

What are the features of a modern kitchen?

In a modern kitchen, the design of the cabinets is very simple and no special decorative elements are used in their design. In modern decoration, smooth horizontal and vertical lines are very important and glossy colors are used more than matte colors. There is nothing extra in this modern kitchen design and everything is in its most orderly state. Various factors such as chandeliers and minimal pots are very important in this design. In addition, MDF kitchen cabinets are commonly used in modern kitchens.What are the features of a custom and traditional kitchen design?

Unlike modern kitchens, custom kitchen cabinets are designed more than wood. This material is used in traditional kitchens due to its originality and naturalness. There are many details in the design of a custom kitchen and the design of the cabinets is very beautiful and full of details. Matte and heavy colors such as cream or gray are colors that can be seen in a custom kitchen environment. The chandeliers and lights in the custom kitchen are very bright and beautiful. In general, you will look at every side of the custom kitchen, you will see a manifestation of beauty and attention to detail.

With or without island in kitchen cabinet design

The kitchen cabinet consists of various parts. Many of you may have heard of the name Kitchen Island and done some research on it. The kitchen island is a cabinet independent of other parts of your decoration that will probably be the same color as your cabinets. The island is a unique and versatile option that can satisfy your needs for cabinets, dining tables, and even in some cases sinks and gas. This means you can do a variety of activities on the island.

You can use this island as a base for sinks and gas or turn it into a separate cabinet and a suitable dining table. If you have a good space in your kitchen, use an island in your kitchen. Fortunately, when designing kitchen cabinets, islands are also designed and manufactured in a variety of sizes. You have to go for a suitable option according to the size of your kitchen and buy or order an island with a functional size for yourself.

Dynasty Kitchen CabinetWith or without island in kitchen cabinet design


In this context, we have tried to fully talk to you about the importance of the kitchen and how to choose the right cabinets in this environment. We hope you find this article helpful and that it will help you choose a cabinet more easily. If you are looking for a reputable and quality service company in the field of designing and manufacturing suitable types and cabinets, you can contact the services section of Dynasty Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. In addition to providing cabinet design and construction services, this company will also have suitable ideas for your kitchen.

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