Who Are We?

We build our projects with your dreams and ideas.

For more than 30 years, Dynasty Kitchen Cabinet has built its reputation through the exceptional quality, best-in-class customer support and services, as well as the support of a solid base of extremely loyal customers and associates, who have a passion for not only fast and friendly service, but also for understanding the requirements of its customers and the trends of the market. Based in Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Dynasty Kitchen Cabinets and Noble Doors operate with the most advanced equipment and the well trained staff to consistently provide the quality outcome that meets and exceeds the customers’ exception. Dynasty Kitchen Cabinet is self-Efficient which make all products in House.

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Understanding your vision for your space will always be priority number one. Our experienced and dedicated design team take the time to discover what makes your family, your style, and your ideas tick.

Your Imagination


Get excited. It’s about to become real. Our design process transcribes your creative vision, our collaborative brainstorming sessions, and the hard facts and figures into a comprehensive draft of a space you can be proud to call yours.

Planning & Development


Creativity is intoxicating but also takes discipline if it’s to be used well. We work to organize and refine your ideas into a collaborative vision board of possibilities. Then, we work together to dial in our approach and narrow in on our plans.

Best Solutions


Time to roll up our sleeves. We work diligently and with the purpose to disrupt your life for as little time as possible while providing an incredible quality of work and polish often reserved for the devotion of skilled artisans.