Designing a kitchen in 3 steps

May 26, 2021
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Kitchen is the heart of every house, it creates one of the reasons, why people gather in one place every day for good moments. When you design that perfectly you can say “I made a dream house”.

To create this dream house, you have to choose materials, then their color and in the end you need to imagine how do you want them to be together.

You can be old-fashion and choose wood as your material and you have the colors God prepared for you or you can use more human made materials like laminates, PVCs, MDFs and other things among them. In that way you have more color to choose from. Or maybe durability is more important for you so marble and metals like steel and aluminum could be your choice.

In this article we are going to inform you, your options in 3 parts. In part one we are going to show you different materials then in part 2 we try to unlock the color mystery and in part 3 we are going crazy on how we can decide their combination and design a perfect kitchen.

Part one: materials

Renovating or planning a kitchen from scratch makes everyone excited on thing that all people pay attention to is how they want their kitchen look like. But one thing that most people do not pay attention, is material. You can choose between wood PVC, laminate, marble, etc. but every one you choose there will be some pros and cons.


Through the history of making and remaking home appliances wood was and is one of the most used materials. One thing you can say about wood is that it is the healthiest material, it’s absolutely non-toxic and totally available.

You need to know, mother nature made wide range of colors and textures that with a little search and work you can make your dream kitchen even more unique. It doesn’t matter you want modern or traditional kitchen; it will adapt where your desire goes.

But on the other hand choosing the right wood is not everyone’s job. you have to be professional and you must know things about your environment, like humidity levels; and also it is not cheap. actually it is one of the most expensive materials.

2. Laminates

Laminates are almost great material to replace wood. because it is human made, you can find them in natural patterns and also most modern and exclusive patterns too, that way you can select the things that go with what you have in your mind. they are a lot cheaper. if you are choosing laminates, remember to ask for high pressure laminates (HPL), because they are more durable and suitable for kitchens.

With all those good items you have to be careful about one thing. the installation must be done properly, otherwise the laminate edges will peel-off, and unlike wood, some of them may be toxic.

3. PVC

PVC is, some sort of composite plastic sheets. it is easy to install and also termite-proof. unlike any wood, you can find PVC sheets in a good amount of color range and texture. and like laminates, they are easy to replace. two things you should know, they usually come in lighter colors and with age, they change color to yellow. unlike some ads that show them fire-resistant they are not, not at all.

4. Metal kitchen

Metals are strong materials, that will be with you for a long time. if you don’t want to renovate your kitchen in a short time. stainless steel or aluminum can be great option.

they are one of the most expensive materials in the market but, they worth it. most designers will suggest you to go in combination, meaning, to use metal with wood or glass or other materials. they give you a unique and magnificent look. they are easy to clean and as we said earlier they are stainless. if the color, other than metal, is important for you, steel and aluminum will disappoint you. although they are stainless, but that doesn’t mean they never get dirty and the bad thing is they shows smudges and fingerprints like a mirror.

5. Marble

If you’re looking for the most luxurious material, marble will be the winner. next to all the materials that we mentioned, Marble has more durability and class. it adds a great value and creates a mesmerizing textural view.

From material point of view, designers always use mixed combination. based on your budget, everything is available. you can use surfaces in PVC doors can be metal and also some parts in glass too. But do not chose them without considering a good talk with a consultant.

Part two: color choice

talking about colors and choosing them is even harder than materials. with this wide range and diverse color choice, and also using light as coloring materials, your life can go from simple to sophisticated.

even if you are not a designer you always know that you can use a mixture of materials in your design, and that’s the easy part. but with colors, you can’t make a mistake. if you choose PVC surface, and you don’t like it, and you realize, you want Marble, you probably just need to change that surface. but if you choose the wrong color, either you have to leave with that or change all of them. that would be costly.

Also lighting would help to have better color collection. if you are old fashioned wood or wood like colors are always available and you can be sure that they never go out of style. but you have to be sure that it goes with the rest of your House décor. beside that and by choosing things like PVC or laminate, different styles are in your reach.

French, started dark designs, may be over 30 years ago and from that time, every now and then dark plans come up. this year you can count on it, if you choose a dark color design, with a little help from lights and autumn colors you will have a magic kitchen.

but if you are more into bright colors you can use one color design or you can mix and match. one of the things that went viral this year was pop colors. you choose one neutral bright color, like white or one of the Fifty Shades of Grey, and one magic color, like light brown, orange, navy blue, yellow and a lot of other options in one specific place. for instance, you can have a light grey in general, and choose orange for your island.

when you are choosing colors, a lot of elements must be checked. if you have a modern house, creating an old-fashioned kitchen, wouldn’t do the justice. a lot of things must be checked, so if you are not a professional or you doubt what you are going to do, always ask. you do not want to end up with a huge disappointment.

Part three: designs

Till now you chose your materials and the color you want to use. it is time to choose your design. you may have a small space or extremely large space. you may want to have a kitchen and a dirty kitchen or a very simple kitchen. these days having a dirty kitchen is going into favour buckets. you can have a hot kitchen where all the cooking and dirty dishes go, and a normal kitchen that is mostly for show-off, but it actually is awesome.

you can use doors with handles or go into modern styles and use handleless doors. if you are a lot into cooking and you have a lot of parties and a larger space, a double Island will make people minds blown away.

If you have a smaller space, pantries and larders are smart choice, to make your place more practical. Although we are in minimalist era and minimal designs are always a better choice, but who says you can’t choose a design from old times. these days some designers are recreating some designs from 1920s and 1930s.

you can also hide your appliances in drawers and behind doors or choose some wide open designs. I know, these are a lot of options, and may confuse anyone.

so close your eyes, breathe deeply, and call us.

our consultants can disappear all your headaches in just a short time.

we know what we are doing; we are doing it for over 30 years.

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