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What is interior design?
Interior design is a profession that is related to the design of the interior space, and like the general architecture of the building, it includes all parts of the structure, facilities, materials, color, decoration, etc., but it is inside the building space. In a simpler way, we can define interior architecture as the design of fixed interior components and space, and interior design as the arrangement of spaces and its variable components.

What is interior design?Interior design

An interior architect must first design the interior in a way that responds to the function, needs, behaviors and climate. Then look at how to define the feeling of that space in terms of light, color, furniture, etc.
Custom kitchen design
Maybe you also have these questions, what are the characteristics of a modern kitchen? How should we have a modern or classic kitchen? How should modern or classic kitchen arrangement be? In this article, we are going to answer all these questions and introduce you to wonderful ideas. So stay with us. We at Dynasty Kitchen have more than 30 years of experience and have a strong team in the company and factory in the field of consulting, custom cabinet design, cabinet construction and complete kitchen design. Having a beautiful kitchen with professionally designed and built cabinets can multiply the beauty of your home.
Basic Kitchen decoration tips
Our interior designers at Dynasty Kitchen company recommend that when designing your kitchen decoration, it is better to pay attention to the following points:
• Think about the location and place of the equipment.
• Place breakfast foods near the breakfast table.
• Place dishes near the sink or dishwasher.
• In the decoration of modern kitchens, consider enough space to move.
• The space inside the kitchen should be at least one-meter-wide to be able to move easily and start cooking.
• If you plan to use island kitchens or open kitchens, be sure to consider this option.
• Consider the right place to put the microwave or built-in oven. The height of placing these items may depend on the age of your children. So be sure to consider this as well. Maybe later the children will also want to help in cooking, so pay attention to the ratio of height and height of the lower cabinets.
• Think about the placement of trash and recycling bins. If you have a large kitchen, you can also use buckets at work.
In the following, we will tell you more tips about the interior decoration of the kitchen. We hope you can implement these tips in your own kitchen.
Modern kitchen design
One of the most important and popular kitchen design styles is modern design. The design principles of modern kitchen cabinets have many differences compared to classic kitchens, which makes these two styles be compared to each other. Modern kitchens are usually more geometric, and silver and gray colors are often seen in this style.
The important principle in modern kitchen design is the simplicity of its various components. In modern kitchens, various components and parts, including kitchen cabinets, are beautiful and uncomplicated. In modern decoration, the designs are stylish, without frames, without glamor and completely functional. Our professional designers at Dynasty Kitchen, with expertise and experience in the field of interior design, can make the best and most beautiful cabinets for your kitchen according to your taste and interest. Using a combination of beautiful colors and using quality materials for cabinets will give your kitchen an eye-catching beauty.

Modern kitchen design
Modern kitchen design

What kind of Kitchen is called a modern kitchen?
One of the things that can be seen in the design of modern kitchens is that these kitchens usually do not have a space separating them from other parts of the house. For example, there is no door or wall between the kitchen and the living room. Most modern kitchen designs are done with an island in mind. This island acts as a separator between the kitchen and the home.
Also, the simplicity of components and design without complications and additions are considered as other components of modern kitchen design. Most modern designs emphasize the optimal use of home and kitchen space.
Classic kitchen design
Cabinets are one of the most important and essential items in kitchens with classic and modern decorations. It is better to use Roman cabinet models and classic cabinets for classic kitchen design. These models of cabinets have a classic and traditional structure and can make your home kitchen look more magnificent.
In addition to the design of the cabinets, the choice of color for the kitchen with classic decoration is very important. To design kitchens with traditional and classic interior decorations, black, brown, gray, white, light gray and cream colors are usually used.
White classic Kitchen design design
Some people want to make their kitchen environment bright and open. White color is one of the beautiful and attractive colors for designing the interior decoration of the kitchen and this different color can show the space of the kitchens with classic decorations more differently.

Classic kitchen designClassic kitchen design

In the design of white kitchen decoration, white color is used for the color of the floor, wall and kitchen cabinets, and this beautiful color will make the kitchen space look bigger and more open. The arrangement of the kitchen with classic decoration is more popular in families seeking originality. If you are looking for a professional designer to design and build your kitchen cabinets, leave your kitchen cabinet design and order to us. Visit our website to see examples of our executed works and read our articles on our blog http://dynastykitchen.com/blog-2/ for more information and ideas for kitchen design and arrangement.

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