Importance of Kitchen Cabinet in kitchen design

June 18, 2021
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The kitchen is one of the main places in every home. This place has many roles and is not just a place for making food and keeping dishes. Today’s kitchens are usually very nice and well designed and family members gather there for meals. You may even prefer to enjoy dinner with your best friend in the kitchen. Kitchen design has an effective role in the beauty and functionality of the kitchen and can determine the style of the kitchen.

There are many ideas in kitchen design. In fact, one of the main components in any kitchen design is its cabinets. Kitchen cabinets, in addition to being a good place to store kitchen utensils and food, have a great impact on the appearance of the kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet design can make the kitchen a pleasant and attractive environment and make life flow in the house.

The design of kitchen cabinets has a great variety and breadth and can satisfy any style and taste. In the following, you will get acquainted with some of these styles and materials used in them.


Custom kitchen design:

Custom kitchen design means that the whole kitchen set is designed according to the customer’s taste. In order to be able to order the kitchen in the best possible way, it is necessary to expand your information in the field of interior design, kitchen cabinet design, materials available for making different types of cabinets, materials available for flooring, types of sinks, faucets, etc.  This takes time, and important points in this area may be hidden from your eyes. Therefore, in addition to obtaining the necessary information about kitchen design, it is better to seek the help of experts in this field.

An interior designer with sufficient education and experience in the field of kitchen design can have a detailed plan for your entire kitchen space and make valuable comments about elements such as insulation, flooring, windows, light sources, etc. Of course, in the end, your personal taste will prevail and according to your taste and your desired style, a custom kitchen design will be made for you.

In any of the modern or traditional styles, designers can offer you special ideas and create a unique kitchen for you, all aspects of which are within the framework of the desired style and in accordance with your wishes.

The difference between Modern and Traditional kitchens:

It is not possible to say for sure whether a traditional kitchen is better today or a modern kitchen. Each of these types of kitchens has its own advantages and disadvantages and creates a special feeling.

In traditional kitchens, wood usually plays an important role and is the main material of items such as cabinets and tables. Wood creates a warm atmosphere and by being in such an atmosphere, a natural feeling is induced in the person and maybe the smell of forest breeze can be inhaled. Even in such a kitchen design, one may tend to cook traditional dishes in copper utensils.

In a traditional kitchen design, all kinds of small and large showcases are displayed, which according to the taste and art of its owner, a patterned bronze dish or even a number of carved wooden spice dishes can be placed in it. Finally, these kitchens create a very intimate atmosphere. In these kitchens, traces of handicrafts can be clearly seen, and various types of carvings and inlays may be used on cabinets. In the upper parts of the cabinets, different types of crowns made of lattice wood can be used. In some of these kitchens, a sense of royal life is experienced.

The opposite option, modern kitchens offer a different feel. There is a sense of simplicity and purity in this type of kitchen design. In this kitchen design, simple cabinets are used, even without handles. Warm and bright colors have been replaced by white and light colors. The symmetry between the cabinets that exists in the traditional model is not used. There may even be space between cabinets. Modern kitchens are usually more practical and in addition to being used for cooking, they are also used as a place to do other daily tasks. In the kitchen space, all kinds of electronic devices for cooking, preparing food products and doing household chores such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, mini-washes, etc. are displayed; for this reason, more sockets are used.

In this type of kitchen design, glossy colors are often used that are in harmony with the steel and glossy appliances in the kitchen. Large chandeliers and types of lighting in different directions adorn these kitchens. Also, artificial and natural stones such as marble and granite are used in different parts such as the island, sink and other components.

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    Kitchen cabinets are primarily for storage, so no surprise base cabinets provide quite a bit of that. While most people use wall cabinets to store glasses, plates, and food, base cabinets can store a wider array of items. I realized this best when In the middle of kitchen remodeling, and I have to choose between wall and base cabinets.

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