Using the island in the Modern kitchen design

October 11, 2021
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As mentioned in the previous sections, modern kitchen design usually uses the island. In fact, in this model, the kitchen space is connected to the living space. The island refers to a number of floating floor cabinets that are placed in a part of the kitchen space. This part can be in the center of the kitchen or at the entrance. Using the island in the kitchen can help you to show the space bigger than its real size. The type of use of the island also varies according to the individual tastes.

Before choosing the type of island, it is better to think about who uses the kitchen? Do you like to cook often as a family? Do you invite your best guests to spend the evening in the kitchen? Would you like to dine in a completely formal setting?

The answers to these questions can help you choose the right island design. In one part of the island you can put your sink and gas stove; the other space can be designed as a dining table. Part of the space under the island can be designed as a warehouse for food. You can also check your emails by installing an electrical outlet on the island while drinking coffee.

Whether you want to use the island in your kitchen or not depends on the style you use, in traditional kitchen design do not use the island.

The position of the island in modern kitchens:

In traditional kitchens, most of the kitchen space is separated from the living space by a number of cabinets next to each other, which are called the kitchen counter. In modern kitchens, the kitchen counter has given its place to the island. The use of this name here is due to the similarity of the concept of the island to this group of cabinets. The island is a piece of land surrounded by water; the kitchen island is also a floating cabinet that blurs the border between the kitchen and other parts.

The island is not only used for large kitchens, it can be used even in small kitchens. In a large kitchen, you can place the beautiful kitchen island in the center of the kitchen and completely separate it from the cooking space, or if there is a more informal atmosphere in the house, a stove can be installed in a part of the island and after cooking, they can sit around and eat with minimal movement. It is even possible for children to sit around the island and use it to do their homework, and you can do kitchen work beside them.

It is possible to hang some bright lights and chandeliers on the top of the island and make the space more pleasant ‌. Even for those who are interested in flowers and plants, it is possible to consider a small space to place natural and beautiful flowers in a part of the island.

The color of the island and the materials used in it in a modern kitchen can be in perfect harmony or completely contrast with the color and material of the kitchen cabinets.

In a kitchen with white cabinets, an island with marble can create a good harmony. Of course, using red quartz on the island in the same kitchen can create a sense of life. Ultimately, the individual spirits and tastes of the kitchen owner will be effective in choosing the type of modern kitchen island.

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